Hey ya'll I've gathered up some questions that I get on the regular and have made a little list of them all. Feel free to ask anything you don't see the answer to here. 

Where are you from? Both of my parents are from Pasaquina, El Salvador. I was born in Houston and moved to Louisiana when I was about 3. I was raised in Opelousas, Louisiana. 

How old are you? I am 24.

Where do you get your tattoos done? I have gotten all of my work done at Triple A Tattoo.

When did you get your first tattoo? I got my first tattoo when I was 18.

How old is Mowgli? Mowgli is 4 years old!

What does Mowgli eat? Mowgli eats two cups of her piggy feed a day along with two heads of lettuce and some fruits and veggies as snacks.

When did you go vegan? My husband and I immediately gave up pork the day we got Mowgli (four years ago) and then dropped the remaining animal products after that. 

Why did you go vegan? The second we held Mowgli in our arms we realized that she was an innocent, feeling, loving being. We knew that if she could love that others like her could as well. We came to the conclusion that if we loved Mowgli we could not dare to pay for the murder and exploitation of other innocent animals. 

Is your family vegan? My husband, brother, mom, sister and two of my cousins are completely vegan. I am very lucky to have a large portion of my family to be vegan.

What was the hardest part about going vegan? I think the hardest part was just figuring out what to eat. We didn't know any vegans so we had to do our own research. But after a while it became just like any other part of life, routine. 

Do you miss any non-vegan foods? Occasionally I will remember how something taste but then realize that I just miss the taste, taste that I can recreate in a vegan way.

What is the best thing about being vegan? The best thing about being vegan is knowing that I am trying my hardest to cause the least amount of pain to the innocent animals. 

What do you do in social situations? Depends on the situation. If it is a dinner party I will always bring a meal, enough to share with everyone there. If it is at a restaurant I politely ask the waiter if they can accommodate me. If it is at a friend's house I always bring food to make and snacks (Sharing food can be the best way to introduce people to the vegan lifestyle)