Hi there! My name is Jennifer Rivera Bell, a 24 year old mama to a little one named Luna, wife to a handsome man named Zac, all living with Mowgli the Pig & our pup Nana.

I am a passionate vegan who loves to eat, travel, and watch documentaries. Cooking and eating food are what I do best (mostly the eating part). And I love exploring new places (mostly for the food). I also love meeting new people (mostly over food, which if you ever want to meet up let me know!) Do you see the pattern here. Haha. I am a fan of soccer, playing outside with Luna, Mowgli, and Nana, making list, Halloween, black & neutral clothes, buying: vegan, ethical, fair trade, eco friendly, handmade goodies,  and much more that you'll see on the blog.

Come join the shenanigans that we get into.