Piyalli! I wanted to share a cute little shop with ya'll today that I discovered on Etsy by the name of Sustainably Jennifer. The shop focuses on solid lotion bars and whipped lotions which are some of my favvvorite things.

I was so excited to try the sandalwood lotion bar. If you follow me on Youtube you know it was in my last month's favorites because of how thrilled I was with it. Solids are so so so convenient when it comes to traveling because you don't have to worry about how many oz things are, just one less thing to worry about, which for me is a must.

Here are a few words from Jennifer!

-Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a yogi in the making, mother of a 4-year-old and love DIY projects. I am doing my best to align my actions with my values and stack my life in ways that allow me and my family to live whole.

-What inspired you to be more environmentally friendly?
So many things! Experiencing how climate change and environmental injustice impacts communities- high asthma rates, islands disappearing, communities autonomy being disregarded for the profit of a few, farmers’ families with high cancer rates, access to nutritious food.  Sometimes issues around the environment seem so massive and hard for one person or a family to make a difference. I have learned how choosing to eat a plant-based diet and our daily choices around the products we consume can have a tremendous impact.

-What made you decide to open up a shop?
I started making my own skin care and beauty products when I was pregnant with my daughter. I wanted her to have the best start possible so I was very conscientious about what I put on and in my body. I made lotion bars and body butters and when my friends and co-workers learned about them they started asking me to make them some. 4 years later I opened my Etsy shop, Sustainably Jennifer, with these lotion bars and whipped body butters.

-What are some plans for the future?
I have started a blog, Sustainably Jennifer, to share my family and I’s journey to a more sustainable life. For the month of February, we concentrated on reducing our use of plastic and that will continue as we transition to less waste. Expect more body products in the Etsy shop as well!

Also, I have a special coupon for your followers - 10% off their Etsy shop order from my shop good through April 5th. Here is the link https://www.etsy.com/shop/SustainablyJennifer?coupon=JENRIVERABELL  or they can use code JENRIVERABELL when checking out.