So you're pregnant. Congratulations! This moment is filled with both excitement and terror. Trust me I completely get it. There is no shame in not knowing what the hell to do next. I am here to assist. I have compiled some great items to keep by for the next upcoming months. I hope your journey into motherhood was as trilling as mine. 

Must Haves

Water bottle: I feel like every post I make has a "drink water" section. lol. But for all the right reasons! Water is crucial. You are growing a baby for goodness sake! Not only do you need water but you will seriously just feel better after you get a hang of drinking all of that water and you'll be peeing a lot anyways so why not help you body flush everything out. Haha. So keep a nice cool water bottle on you at all times. When you're out and about and when you are in bed. 

Pillows: There are all kinds of fancy pregnancy pillows out there and strongly enough I actually never bought one but I highly suggest getting something of the sort. Once you start getting large and in charge you will feel weight that you have never felt before and having some support in all of those new places is amazing. At home I had some extra firm pillows that I would set up around my back and between my legs. 
Lotion: Staying nice and moisturized is critical during pregnancy. Wanna hear something not so cute, you will be very itchy. Haha. Not a joke. You're skin will stretch so much further than it has ever been before and that means you will get super itchy. So having something to keep moisturized will be absolutely necessary. You don't have to go out and buy crazy expensive lotion, coconut oil will work just fine. (and again drink water)

Belly Band: This one took me too damn long to get my hand on. I thought to myself that I really didn't need it. Oh how wrong I was. As you guys know I am a bit of a minimalist (I try) and I really didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff that I would rarely get any use out of so I didn't buy it. But then to my surprise a friend of mine got me one and so I tried it out. AMAZING. I didn't have to buy maternity pants! (which can be kinda pricy) I would just wear my regular jeans and put the Belly Band over top and WAM no more belly popping out of my pants. Haha. And also on this note get your hand on some comfy shirts and shoes. I got two shirts that were maternity/breast feeding and they are nice and stretchy. Totally worth it. 


Sleep: I swear if you don't listen to me on this one you will regret it for the rest of your life. I may seem like I am being dramatic to be funny, well I am not. I am serious as hell. SLEEP. NAP. THEN SLEEP AGAIN. It will be a very long time before you can get a full, uninterrupted, peaceful night sleep so enjoy it while you can. 

Do what you like: I you like hiking, swimming, or shopping, whatever it may be go out and do those things. 

Be with your parter: Enjoy the last few months that you guys have alone. Go out date nights, Netflix and chill, haha