Hey ya'll. I just wanted to make a real quick video showing Luna's capsule wardrobe. Super simple, gender neutral and just the basics. I have a few pieces that were in no way essential, just cute, that I got her. 

A few tips to not go crazy buying newborn clothes

  • Buy older size clothing. So this doesn't prevent you from buying more clothes, but by buying clothes for when they are a bit older it allows them to wear them more than once. When I was pregnant there was no way I wouldn't shop for clothes (new or second hand, I just wanted to get her things lol). What I did was look for clothes that were bigger in size, 6 months on up. 
  • Splurge on only a FEW clothing items when they are newborn. Again they grow out of all of their newborn clothes so fast, you don't wanna break the bank on something that they might not even get a chance to wear. 
  • You DON'T have to buy all of their clothes at once. This may come as a surprise, but it is not the end of the world if you don't have every single possible thing before they are born. It is alllll gonna be okay. What ever you might be missing you can just pick up once they are here. 
  • Random tip : newborn sizes are just like adult sizes, ALL DIFFERENT by brand. So sure you might have 5 different newborn onsies and they will all be different sizes. Lol.