I have been meaning to make this post for fooooooorever. But I wanted to wait until I felt as though I was back to "normal" before making it. I wanted to begin by talking about how we view ourselves postpartum. After the raw emotions of having a baby have subsided the realization comes along of yourself image. It can be a very scary thought to look at yourself in the mirror after having your bundle of joy. It is down right terrifying. You are soft. And squishy, like you've never been before. You aren't pregnant, but still look pregnant. It was a little mind boggling at first. It wasn't until I really just talked to myself and was like "Dude you just had a baby, you just GAVE BIRTH" I believe that as mamas we have to love ourselves as mamas. We have to give ourselves credit and be empowered by all that we have done by carrying and delivering babies. Our bodies will look different, but that is okay. We just have to be the best versions of ourselves for the moment that we are in.

That being said, I do have a few tips. I am not a doctor or a dietician or anything of the sort, but this is just from my day to day experience. 

1.Breastfeed: Breastfeeding not only creates an amazing bond between you and your baby but also is great for your body as well. Breastfeeding will help you burn extra calories and also releases hormones that will help your uterus go back to it's pre-baby size(you will fill this in the form of contractions) 

2.Drink TONS of water: Duh people. Everyone knows that drinking water is amazing for you. So do it. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and will help produce more milk. 

3.Eat fruits and veggies: Post baby you will need to eat and eat a lot. Especially if you are breastfeeding. So you will need to fuel yourself with the most nutritionally dense foods that you can. My go-to meal right after Luna was born was rice, beans, and avocado. I pretty much ate it every single day. Having food pre made and ready to eat is the best option. No body has time (or energy for that matter) to be making full course meals with a newborn.

4.Light exercise: This can vary from person to person. If you were an olympic athlete before pregnancy you might be able to hope back on that train faster than most. But for me that meant walking around my neighborhood, going hiking, light yoga and casual bike riding (this was wayyyy after Luna was born. When it comes to working out after a baby you have to make sure you are nice and ready. Coming from a traditional El Salvadorian family my mom suggested (forced me) to be extremely gentle on myself for the first 40 days after having Luna. 

I hope these tips help some mamas out there! If you guys have any questions feel free to message me here or on any of my other platforms.