The time is here for zero waste shampoo and conditioner! So once I starting adapting a zero waste lifestyle somethings came pretty easy, like carrying a reusable water bottle, refusing straws at  restaurants, and carrying tote bags around, while other things were much more difficult, like finding shampoos and conditioners that didn't come in a plastic containers. Many haircare products come in recyclable plastic but much of what we put into the recycling bins don't get recycled at all. So the best way is to avoid plastic when possible. So my quest went on. I found solid shampoo bars but they didn't particularly work on my hair texture (my hair is huge lol and can be kinda dry). 

Then I found Plaine Products, a revolutionary line of bath products that is changing the game. The products themselves are vegan, sulfate free, color safe, biodegradable, non-gmo, cruelty free, paraben free and kid safe and made in the US. And the containers are metal bottles! The only plastic is the pump. The way it works is your order your subscription of any combination of shampoo, conditioner and body wash (I got all three) and once you use it all up you just return them back in the box they were sent in and they send you a new batch! I mean it really can't get any easier. 

Now the only thing I was wanting to know was "Does it work though??" And the answer to that is yessssssssss. I bought my set about a month ago and wanted to see how my hair would react to it and it works amazingly. Like I said my hair is large and in charge and in this Louisiana humidity it doesn't play. Haha. The Plaine Products shampoo and conditioner leave my hair feeling soft and manageable. Not to mention it smells incredible! I get so giggly when I find a product that alines with my values to the T but this just makes my heart sing ya'll. A vegan, American made, zero waste, awesome line of products, it just cannot be beat. Check out there products by clinking the link here!