I am the child of not one but two immigrant refugees. My parents both fled what remained of their civil war in the early 90s. They faced danger around every corner. They saw countless of their friends  and family disappear to the tragedies of war. They came here seeking a better life. A life without fear. A life full of opportunities. And they found it all here. I was able to be born in Houston and both Pecho and Jes were born here in Louisiana. We have had the most amazing life because they were able to escape the terrors of war. 

It was always so difficult for me to really wrap my head around what the war was really like growing up. I just couldn't imagine waking up in the morning and being absolutely terrified to go to school or go to the market. Countless parents wouldn't let their children go to school out of fear. As a parent now it absolutely crushes my heart that so many mothers and fathers around the world live in perpetual fear for their children's lives. 

It is easy to judge a group of people and label them as violent or threats, but by learning their stories it completely changes your perspective. We must all take a step back and imagine ourselves in their shoes. What would you do? Would you seek refuge? Would you do anything to protect your children?