Live and Let Live. Simple enough right? I mean, isn' that what we would all want. To live in a peaceful world where we don't harm one another. What we have all been taught to do. Because why on earth would we want to harm others? That is exactly what the documentary Live and Let Live is all about. This incredible film speaks about the relationship that we have created with animals around us. How we have forgotten the fact that these creatures are sentient beings and portray and treat them as products. By disconnecting ourselves from the reality we do not question our actions. We go along day by day not questioning our life choices and the consequences that those choices have. I was no different. I never thought twice about what I was doing. Not realizing that I had blood on my hands, for every damn meal. I hear people comment all the time about how "over dramatic" vegans are. How is it "over dramatic" to stand up for innocent beings who are being slaughtered every single day? We must all step up and speak out in any way we can. We must be the voice for the voiceless. 

Must watch documentary. Available on Netflix.