Fellin tropical ya'll. So in fact I cannot live year around thinking that it is fall, especially when it is 102 degrees outside. (I'll figure out a way to do this successfully and let you know) I decided to get my hands on some killer summery candles. That's when The Tiny Collection caught my eye. It is a vegan/eco-conscious shop making bomb candles! Their smell combinations is what really got to me. Reading some of these made me imagine myself in paradise. 

I got my hands on the coconut lime and pineapple sage scent. I found it extra awesome because the lotion and body spray that I use have a coconut lime scent so now my office smells like me! Bahah. And boy do these little suckers pack a punch. In just a few minutes the smell spread around and I was basically at the beach. 

Below are some words from the lady behind the magic, Sydney- who is the owner of The Tiny Collection. Happy Wednesday ya'll!

My name is Sydney and I am the owner of The Tiny Collection. I opened my shop in 2013 because of my love for all things natural (plus, I'm sort of a candle hoarder). I was so excited when this idea hit me! I could combine the two things I loved... earth-conscious products and candles! I swear, there really was a light bulb that went off in my head. So now we are here... My shop is two years old and I am still in love with what I do. Enough about me, keep reading below to find more info on my shop!

Each candle is hand poured from a small batch filled with a lot of love. It is definitely something special to create natural, high quality candles for my customers. I work very hard to ensure my customers receive a candle that not only smells delicious but a candle they fall in love with as soon as they open the package. Every single step in our candle making process is filled with love. A lovely customer once told me that she was so grateful to have finally found a natural candle that not only smells amazing but burned beautifully as well. She has continued to support us throughout our journey. 

Let's make the world a better place. By choosing our candles you are choosing a candle that's not only safe for you but it is safe for the environment. Our candles are crafted form the most natural soy wax made from soy beans grown here in the US. Our candles are infused with a natural fragrance blend that includes pure essential oils. We refuse to use any animal products or byproducts. We will never use any ingredient that has been tested on animals. We take pride in using earth friendly and sustainable supplies. Whether it's supplies directly used in our candles or the boxes we use to ship, all of our supplies is either biodegradable, or recyclable. We want to thank you for being a part in reducing our carbon footprint. This Earth is a beautiful place and we should do our very best to keep it that way. Thanks for supporting an earth friendly, small business. 

Burn a candle that gives back. Growing up, I have always had a dog. I love them so much because they are always there for you no matter what! I am a proud dog mom of three beautiful fur babies. It breaks my heart knowing some dogs and cats have yet to find their forever home. This is why I decided to donate a portion of each candle to various animal shelters. I am so grateful for all of my customers because without them we could not touch the loves of so many amazing animals in need. Thank you all for supporting not only my passion but for providing the animals with shelter, food, and a warm bed.

Check out the Tiny Collection here.