While perusing throughout Etsy I stumbled upon Wild Fawn Jewellry. I am a huge fan of minimalism the lifestyle but also of the ascetic. This beautiful shop creates some spectacular pieces that I had to share them, not to mention that the shop strives to be as eco friendly as possible. 

The beautiful pair that I got was the hammered earband. They are super comfortable in the ears and are able to be dressed up or down. Being that I don't own an abundant amount of jewelry I like to be able to have versatility with the pieces that I do own. I had also never really considered an eco side when it comes to jewelry, then I realized the terrible ecological effects that go on with conventional jewelry making. I am very glad to know that there are shops out there that strive to make environmentally conscious jewelry. And I honestly cannot get over how beautiful these pieces are and cannot wait to get my hands on a necklace. Just an over all amazing shop.

Here are some more of Wild Fawn Jewllery's work. Check out the shop here for more beautiful pieces.

And I will leave you with a few words from the shop.

Wild Fawn is a sanctuary for me; being based in London means that after the hustle and bustle of the day, I love to unwind and relax by creating beautiful pieces with beautiful materials. My favourite part of being a silversmith is the feeling when I sit down to make a piece of jewellery that's been developing and evolving in my mind - there's something very exciting about not knowing quite how an idea will turn out. 

I strive to make my jewellery as eco-friendly as possible and is handmade using eco friendly methods. These include using recycled sterling silver and chemical-free alternatives in the manufacturing process wherever possible. Before I made sterling silver jewellery, I had no idea about the detrimental impacts that mining for silver has on the environment and those living around mines which is why I use ecosilver as much as possible in my work. Ecosilver is 100% recycled sterling silver, which means that there hasn't been any negative environmental impact to extract it from the Earth.