Found the perfect polish ya'll.  Ellison Organics carries the most amazing polishes ever.I crave a matte black polish year around and I found one that comes right out of the bottle! To get my nails matte I would usually gave a top coat that I would apply over my polish and it was always such a mess because of how thick is usually comes out. Has anyone else had that problem? Well I don't have to worry about that anymore. This polish is a natural alternative to conventional polish but also has a beautiful formula and spectacular finish.

One of my pet peeves about painting my nails is when the formula of the polish is off. If it is too thick it is a damn mess and if it's too runny it takes days to get the correct opaqueness. This polish gave me the perfect coverage with two coats so no need to wait a million years for it to dry, which is another issue with me. I am so impatient that I usually mess my nails up on the spot. Haha.  

Carleigh is the beautiful mind behind Ellison's Organics created her shop with the mind set that she didn't want crazy ingredients in her products. She wanted to create natural, non toxic products that she would be proud to share. 

To find all of Ellison's Organics incredible products check out the shop here.
Hope ya'll are having a great Tuesday!