Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone's week is going great. I got the fantastic chance to interview the lovely Amanda from A to Z Candles. Not only does she have an awesome vegan shop but is also pretty damn awesome herself. I cannot say this enough but we all need to support these amazing vegan centered shops. We the consumer are able to bring so much change to the system by using our dollar power for good. 

I even got my hands on her Man Cave candle! Which happens to be my favorite smell. I also got an incredible melt. My whole house smells absolutely fantastic. Well without further or due. Here is my interview with A to Z Candles.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Amanda and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I spend most days relaxing and spending time with my husband, daughter, and my dog, Max. I enjoy going to concerts, eating lots of vegan food, and of course, making candles!

I wish we had computer smelly sense because your shop sounds divine! How did you get into candle making?
I have been a fan of home fragrance for years. But the products I was buying began to give me headaches and irritated my asthma.  After realizing the ingredients in most candles and melts, I decided to move to soy wax from paraffin. I wanted more fragrance choices with the soy, so I decided I wanted to make them myself! I started with candles, then added melts. I now also carry car air freshener (sachets) and reed diffuser kits as well. To make sure I have something for any budget, my candles come in five different sizes.

I love love love that your products are vegan and cruelty free! How did you fall into creating vegan products?
I've been vegan since September 2014, so naturally I wanted to start a vegan friendly business. I did extensive research on the wax and fragrances I use to make sure nothing was animal tested or had any trace of animal byproducts. Once I knew my supplies were vegan, it was game on!  My wax is free of genetically modified materials, pesticides, and herbicides.  My fragrance oils are made with premium ingredients without harmful chemicals. Some of my fragrance oils even have essential oils mixed into them. My wicks are 100% cotton.

What are some future plans for your shop?
My plan is to keep growing!  Adding new fragrances, and possibly new products. I'm always finding something to change or to improve on.  I hope to be able to open my own website outside of Etsy in the next year as well.

Find the shop here