Look at it! Look how awesome this shirt is! By far my new favorite shirt. I can't even deal.EnduDesigns has so many awesome tees to choose from. This one reminds me so much of Mowgli how could I go wrong. Haha. EnduDesigns has a great variety of running, cycling and vegan shirts. I know what I'm getting Zac for father's day. Tehehe. (Don't tell him)

When I first became vegan I thought that wearing vegan shirts was just too far. I thought to myself "I don't need everyone to know I am vegan. I know that I am not harming any animals." Later I realized the power of a shirt. When Zac started wearing his vegan shirt flocks of people would go up to him and ask him either what does it mean, what do you eat, how do you do it, ect. I am not saying you have to wear a vegan shirt every single day or your not a good animal activist, but wearing them opens up a conversation that might other wise not been started. I love wearing my vegan shirts and answering questions when they come up. You never know who you might spark to live a more compassionate life just by the shirt on your back. 

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