Our house is finally starting to feel like home now. We are finishing up all the little touches and what better way than with a candle. I was on a quest to find a candle that was of course vegan but also eco friendly and smelled great. I found Lite + Cycle. There shop took me by surprise not only are their products unbelievably beautiful but also environmentally conscious. I couldn't ask for more. 

Just looking at the label on the candle make me want to just do a little dance of joy. I have always wanted to get the safest and least toxic products out there, but now that I have a little one inside I am even more aware of what I am putting in my home. There are so many great smelling candles that have horrific chemicals in them and they just spread those around your home. I find myself enjoying even just the process of finding these products because I know that I am providing my home with the highest quality materials. 

Finding a candle that can beat the ethical, environmental and health concerns that I have how Lite + Cycle does is hard to beat. Find their page here and show them some love. Remember that every product you buy, being food, bath and beauty or home goods is a vote in what ever direction you please. Always do your best to support quality ethical brands.