I am fab! Okay I'll stop. Haha. But these deodorants really are! I got the pleasure of getting some awesome goodies from Fab Deo an unbelievably awesome shop. They are metal free, vegan and cruelty free! 

These awesome little dudes are hand made in small batches by the lovely husband and wife duo that run Fab Deo. These deodorants can really pack a punch. I know because I not only tested them on myself but also my husband (a remarkably sweaty man haha). With many natural deodorants they can small great but can't really help with the smell, these on the other hand work fantastically. Zac and I spend about half of the day inside and half outside and Louisiana heat/humidity ain't kind. So for a deodorant to hold up to that it means business!

As many of you may know conventional deodorants come with some down right scary ingredients. What's most terrifying is that many of the chemicals in conventional deodorants have been links to various health conditions. I try my hardest to find the safest products for my family, that's why when I find companies like Fab Deo I get so ecstatic. It brings me such great joy that there are small businesses with the same values as me. 

Oh yeah and also they've got lip balm! My all time favorite is def the cherry, I think it's because it reminds me of borrowing my mom's chapstick as a kid. The same incredible smell without all of the scary ingredients. One of the best things is that they are not overly greasy, they leave your lips feeling moisturized not like you just ate a large popcorn at the movies. These lip balms are a must have for those dry summer lips. I'm packin my cherry one in my back pocket right now! Haha.

Check out Fab Deo here. Show this amazing company some love and get you some vegan cruelty free deodorant and lip balm!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day!