Documented is a documentary that shows and exposed the life of Jose Antonio Vargas, an extremely successful American journalist. Jose was brought over from the Philippines at the age of 12 to live with his grandparents. He is by all spirit an American, who lived the American dream. He has been a very well known journalist who has written for The New Yorkers, The Washington Post, among many other reputable forms of print. His secret: he is an illegal immigrant undocumented American. He is not alone. He is one of 12 million undocumented Americans. This is story that really hits my heart being that my family is from El Salvador. People will say "Well why don't they just come here legally? Why don't they just get their papers?" The answer to that is it's not that simple. Many of these undocumented Americans came over at a very young age, they have grown up with American ideals, in American school, living the American way. Much like Jose's story, these people can't just "get legal." This documentary shows the great fear that undocumented Americans have to live in. It is a must watch.