Started watching this incredible series called Africa. I absolutely love shows like this and really enjoy watching them with my little sister Jes. We hear the "zoo argument" all the time as vegans. "Zoos are a place for education." That is just some shit. Zoos (not all of them, some of them are certified as sanctuaries and as places of rehabilitation) are a business. These animals are trades as products from place to place for a profit. That's why I believe that shows like Planet Earth and Africa are fascinating ways for adults and children alike to learn about these animals. In these shows the animals are in their natural habitat, doing what they normally do, with their families. Not trapped in some cage, laying there. That is not the life that those animals deserve. With these shows we can feel like we are up close and personal and see what they do on their day to day lives without having to destroy their lives. Not to mention this show is super bad ass. Really recommend it to anyone wanting to watch some killer fight scenes.