A few says ago I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing Jess Five the incredible artist from Breathe. Resist. I was just strolling through Etsy when I came about this shop. It is a punk patch shop that promotes social justice. I mean it doesn't get much better than that. I as so interested in her shop that buying a patch as not enough. So I reached out and asked her a few questions. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Jess Five and I am the artist for Breathe. Resist. - breatheresist.com - and I am an one-person band called Morningstar Rising.  I like cats and vegan chocolate chips. My personal motto is, "Change yourself, change the world."

It is so incredible that you have a shop that promotes veganism. When did you become a vegan? 

Thanks!  My story starts when I had an epiphany about 10 years ago that I didn't want to be another creature's food.  So, I extended that courtesy to all sentient beings as they probably didn't want to be my food either.  With that insight, I went vegetarian.  After two or so years of being vegetarian, I realized that it wasn't enough as animals were still being abused. I quickly went vegan as I wanted no part in their suffering.  That being said, I've never considered being a vegan an act of activism.  Rather, it is an act of standing in solidarity to end all forms of oppression.  For example, someone who goes to a feminist event doesn't go home and start making homophobic remarks.  Even if it isn't their battle, they are still an ally to that cause.  So, why is it acceptable for people to go to a human rights event and then go home and take part in animal exploitation?  There is no difference between the two scenarios yet the latter is socially acceptable.  I hope through outreach, that that situation will change and more people will be an ally to stop the torture of animals.

I really enjoy that you bring up other very important social issues within the patches you create. How did you involve yourself in creating patches that send out such critical messages?
I started making patches while I was attending art school in New York City.  While at school, I fell in love with the DIY punk scene in the lower east side at Abc No Rio and was very involved with helping to put on shows and cooking with Food Not Bombs.  I somehow found out there was going to be an anarchist book fair and at that time I was taking a silkscreening (silkscreens don't use silk anymore) class.  I signed up to vend the book fair and the rest is history.  

What are some future plans for your shop?

I have big plans for the shop in the future.  Most notably, I will start making buttons in the upcoming month or two.  Plus, I have some real rad new patch designs in the works.  On the music side, I am hoping to release my first full length LP online for free in the fall.  I also have a few tricks up my sleeves so please "like" the shop at facebook.com/breatheresist or follow me on Instagram: @breatheresist to stay updated.

In closing, I'd liked to thank Why Choose Vegan for taking an interest in my art and shop.  It is blogs like this and readers like you that are the reason Breathe. Resist. exists as everything I make - I make for you.  Your support is everything.  Thank you.

I got these two patches! I will have the left one and Zac will have the right one, we are so excited to put these on our backpacks!

I am so glad that there are wonderful artist out there like Jess who can spread amazing messages through their passion.