The World Before Her is a documentary that shows both sides of a very serious discussion. In India like in much parts of the developing world there is a conflict: modernize or stay true to culture. Many see this concept as an all in or all out situation, when in reality there is so much more to it. I understand the concept that we should be trying to move forward and be progressive, yet many of these young Indian woman are trying to be so "modern" that they are willing to use skin bleach in order to assimilate to this world. While on the other hand I understand the concept of holding on to ones culture and values but these same young Indian woman are being told that the only thing they are here is to clean, cook, marry and have children. Both of these ideas are very detrimental to these young woman. The concept of losing ones culture and traditions can be a very powerful one, one that can prevent positive change from occurring. It is crucial for these two ideas to have balance. Growing up in an Hispanic house hold I have faced this similar situation. With comments like "If you don't know how to prepare this meal you'll never find a husband." or to the other extreme "You should go blond if you want to look good." By hearing comments like that at such a young age it can really create a bias about sticking to tradition or modernizing. Having the feeling of "you lose either way." The best way to combat this way of thinking is by teaching our young girls that they are worth it just the way that they are. That they can truly accomplish what they set their minds on.